Our field erected cooling towers optimize facility cooling capability and use only the highest quality materials

Project Management & Field Services

ICT's project management and field services group utilize innovative technology to improve efficiency, scheduling, project delivery and customer service

People, Culture & Integrity

Our people, culture, integrity and continual training and development of employees makes ICT an industry leader


Over 58 years of industry experience ensures our stability and longevity

Parts & Components

We inventory a wide range of OEM parts and components available for immediate installation

Project Management & Field Services

ICT's project management and field services group utilize innovative technology to improve construction efficiency, scheduling, project delivery and customer service

Maintenance Services

A team of highly skilled maintenance and field personnel is available 24 hours a day

Turnaround Specialists

Our field operations excel at completing turnaround projects on schedule and on budget. We recently constructed a 16 Cell FRP Crossflow Tower in 10 weeks.

Revitalizing the Cooling Industry

We have completed over 750 Cells of Wood to FRP conversions including: Demolition and Reconstruction, Partial Reconstruction and Online Rebuilds

Zero Incidents

Safety is the highest priority for our field service operations

Design & Engineering

ICT engineers create cooling solutions that optimize safety, facility performance, schedule, costs and ease of construction

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International Cooling Tower

Welcome to International Cooling Tower (ICT), designers and manufacturers of a complete line of industrial cooling towers that are delivered in support of power plants, oil and gas refineries, the petrochemical plants, steel factories and pulp and paper mills. Founded in Edmonton, Alberta in 1958, ICT has grown steadily over the decades, expanding into the United States in 1989. Our discipline in maintaining the sharpest focus on the specific requirements of our customers began setting us apart from other cooling tower manufacturers long ago. Our expert engineering team consults on every detail; from site planning that takes air and water quality concerns into account, to design optimizations that maximize cooling tower efficiency. Assuring compliance with OSHA, local and national building codes is a standard business practice for ICT. ICT is also proud of our company culture that is based on integrity, diligence and hard work, which has led us to become the definitive North American market leader in industrial cooling tower design, manufacturing, and field services. 

ICT owns facilities and properties that are strategically located across the United States and Canada, so our infrastructure has the depth and reach to fully service the North American cooling tower market. Our Field Operations & Warehouse location in La Porte, Texas is definitely the standout example of our state of the art cooling tower fabrication capabilities. Not only is it where we construct and maintain our industrial cooling tower inventory, but it is also where our expert field construction team works hand-in-hand with our quality and safety teams. For a cooling tower manufacturer of our size, the wisdom of housing these mission-critical operations together in a comprehensive facility is obvious, as it creates economies of scale that allow us to execute projects at price points that work with our customer's capital budgets. More importantly than this, however, is that it enables the perfection of continuity in cooling tower fabrication; from initial design and construction, through to delivery, operator training, cooling tower maintenance, and a full range of field services. 

In aftermarket services, we don’t stop at simple inspection, repair and component replacement. We are the recognized leaders of the industrial cooling tower business, providing innovative engineering and design solutions to restore, replace or upgrade existing equipment for improved efficiency, reliability and service life. ICT owns an extensive stock of major components and equipment to properly support our onsite field technicians, such as telescoping forklifts, man lifts, swing stages, work platforms, service trucks, and mobile offices. 

The story of International Cooling Tower is now more than 60 years in the making, and it’s one of success. Time and time again, we have been grateful for the opportunities to demonstrate the highest levels of integrity and professionalism in the industry. Our dedication to excellence in every aspect of our business is the foundation upon which our long-term business relationships have been built. ICT looks forward to facilitating continued mutual success with our customers!

 How a Cooling Tower Works

In general terms, the purpose of a cooling tower is simple: To remove heat from a process . But a cooling tower is much more interesting: A specialized heat exchanger that brings air and water into direct contact with each other. When this happens, a small quantity of water is evaporated, reducing the temperature of the water as it’s being circulated through the tower. The most common application of a cooling tower is as a part of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system in buildings, where the use of a cooling tower is paired with a water-cooled chiller or water-cooled condenser. These smaller-scale units are found on the rooftops of shopping centers, hospitals, and other universities. But the industrial cooling tower is prevalent in large industries such as power plants, petroleum & petrochemical refineries, steel facilities, and pulp/paper facilities. Industrial cooling towers are constructed in many shapes and sizes from large, looming hyperbolics to long In-line rectangular structures you might have seen in a power plant.

Depending on the required cooling load of a facility - the design of a cooling tower will vary, as will its size. The size of the facility from which heat needs to be extracted is the primary factor that determines the cooling load. Another important factor that impacts the tower design - is the relative humidity of the air. A facility in the deep south (say, in Houston), will have a relative humidity that is much higher than you’ll find in high-desert (say, in northern Arizona).

Cooling Tower Fill

While the functionality of any cooling tower revolves around water, the true heart of the tower is the “cooling tower fill.” Fill is a material utilized to increase the contact area within the tower, between the air and the water, which allows for greater evaporation.

Industrial cooling towers have two primary types of fill: “Film Fill,” and “Splash Fill.” Film fill is made up of sheets of PVC material that the water travels across causing the water to "film" thereby greatly increasing the air and water contact area, increasing cooling. Fill sheets are assembled together to create larger packs, that can be ordered in order to be delivered in different thicknesses and heights depending on ICT's cooling tower design. Film fills require relatively clean water to operate efficiently. Splash fill is designed to interrupt the water into droplets, which although does not increase the air and water contact area as much as film fill, tolerate poorer water quality.

The other Important component of cooling tower design Is the air movement aspect. ICT has many mechanical equipment design packages that can be tailored to meet any thermal design requirement a customer may have.  These designs range In (I don't know why this thing capitalizes every I) size from 12' fans and 25' Hp motors to 40' fans and 300 hp motors.  ICT specializes In the larger mechanical packages to ensure the most efficient and cost effective design is employed.